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Astralis Launches Own Soft Drink with Royal Unibrew - Strategic Partnering

Astralis Launches Own Soft Drink with Royal Unibrew

The leading Counter-Strike team Astralis and one of the major danish breweries, Royal Unibrew has entered a partnership that includes a sponsor deal and a new line of soft drinks under the Astralis and CULT brand.

Jakob Lund Kristensen, CCO and Co-Founder of Astralis and Astralis Group:

– The Astralis brand has been built around performance, personality and creating great experiences for fans of all kinds. Until now, we have focused our resources upon the development of our digital products and merchandise, and the cooperation with Royal Unibrew around a range of new soft drink products will give us an additional dimension to the business and in our ongoing dialogue with fans.

– It is a clear indication of the massive development that gaming and esports in general, and Astralis in specific, has been through over the past couple of years. By entering the soft drink market on this level and through a product that is developed and tested by our players and the performance team, we will be able to offer a relevant product with a nationwide presence to the team’s main stakeholders.

– The cans and the physical and digital universe around the product line will be Astralis branded and include the messages of our general DNA, the performance culture and a positive lifestyle. The agreement includes the Nordic market, and we expect to gain experience for further development into this segment in other markets.

– The agreement contains both a sponsorship leg and a royalty leg, and as such, it is a step towards developing our commercial upside in line with our business strategy, Jakob Lund Kristensen comments.

Lise Tjell, Marketing Manager at Royal Unibrew:

– The way the Astralis team and the organization have been able to create results while developing and maintaining a clear, positive branding has created a massive engagement in the large and growing fan base and throughout their media universe. In a very short time, they have established a wide reach and a strong communication platform. This is what we also want to achieve with CULT and the agreement with Astralis gives us new possibilities to build upon an already strong brand.

– The energy and drive in the team make the Astralis brand a perfect match for CULT, and the dialogue we’ve had with Astralis Group confirms our impression of a strong organization in a very interesting market potential.

– Initially, we will launch two products this spring, both developed together with the players and the organization. It is all about taste, design, and energy, Lise Tjell, Marketing Manager at Royal Unibrew comments.

The agreement consists of two deals: A commercial sponsorship and a royalty deal with a fee per sold unit to Astralis.

Source: Astralis & Royal Unibrew – Denmark – 28 January 2020

Learn more on: https://www.astralisgroup.net/

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