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Strategic Partnering: Remove Chance and Deliver Consistent Success

The Cabinet Office introduced a new approach for how government engages with its key strategic suppliers in 2011. It introduced […]

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Beyond the heroic CEO: the changing challenge of leadership

As Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, Peter Hawkins has been looking into team development impact on cultural change […]

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The six keys to successful business partnerships

Lessons in collaboration for both startups and established brands. From May 8–16, the 1776 Challenge Festival will take place in […]

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The five key advantages of public –private partnerships

What is a PPP? A public-private partnership (PPP) is a contract between a public body and a private organization. PPPs […]

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A Professional Opinion about ‘Strategic Partnering’

Richard Chaplin, Founder & Executive Chairman of Managing Partners’ Forum and Professional Marketing Forum,  wrote about ’Strategic Partnering’ in his 28 July briefing  to over 600 senior […]

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Luc Bardin’s interview with Jenny Rooney, Forbes CMO Summit 2013

Luc Bardin Panel – 2013 Forbes CMO Summit please click the image for the video

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Theodore Kinni – The Price and Prize of Strategic Partnering

There’s no shortage of books on creating and managing strategic partnerships, but Luc Bardin’s new one caught my eye for […]

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Building a Perfect Strategic Partnership

Building a Perfect Strategic Partnership in 5 Stages from Ogilvy & Mather

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10’s of companies are now using the “Strategic Partnering” book

Strategic partnerships have become ‘integral’ to state and business affairs, and commonly available statistics refer to an average of 10,000 […]

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