Flexport & SF Express Partner to Increase Freight Visibility in China

Flexport is excited to announce a new partnership with SF Express, a leading express delivery and logistics services provider in China. The objective: to offer customers a one-stop-shop for freight services, including robust full container load (FCL) ocean shipping and air cargo.

Working together, Flexport and SF Express will connect data and platforms to provide smarter and more advanced logistics services to address the specific needs of Chinese companies.

“We have been increasing our investment in technology and are committed to continuously enhancing the user experience,” says Henry Ko, Managing Director of Flexport Asia. “Our collaboration with SF Express will enable us to further improve end-to-end services and operational capabilities, helping us to elevate the user experience to the next level, both within and outside of China.”

Flexport’s expertise in imports will complement SF Express’s history of excellence in channel networking. By joining forces, each partner will broaden the other’s reach and add depth to their already customer-centric services and products. Building on a strong foundation of technical knowledge and expertise, SF Express and Flexport will continue to drive transparency and efficiency throughout global trade. Driven by a shared vision of delivering the most valuable customer experiences possible, this partnership will play a key role in the evolution and development of powerful trade tools.

Henry Ko, Managing Director of Flexport Asia (left) and Keith Ip, CEO, International Business of SF Express Group (right).

The Flexport and SF Express partnership will allow Chinese businesses to get real-time visibility into the status of shipments through the tech-driven Flexport platform while taking advantage of data automation and analytics to develop more efficient processes and procedures. Flexport’s destination capabilities—in particular, US/EU customs clearance and last-mile delivery—will be especially valuable for Chinese companies seeking to expand overseas business.

“Working with Flexport, we hope to further support Chinese companies’ expansion ambitions in overseas markets,” says Keith Ip, CEO, International Business of SF Express Group. “SF Express and Flexport will fully leverage each other’s strengths while continuing to promote future innovation and introduce ever-more competitive logistics solutions. By expanding cross-border B2B business capabilities, we aim to create significant value for our customers.”

Source: Flexport & SF Express – USA, China – 28 October 2019

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