Kitty gets her game on.

This week we’ve welcomed a brand new member to FNATIC – Hello Kitty – and she’s brought an entire collection along with her for the ride!

FNATIC x Hello Kitty features jerseys, t-shirts, long-sleeves, jackets, mouse pads and even premium embroidered hoodies and caps made exclusively by Champion. The design features the iconic pop-culture character, Kitty, with her own headset and gamer stance- set against FNATIC’s 2019 glitch pattern.

The collaboration has been hailed by our fans as unexpected but incredibly fun, and was a labour of love between FNATIC and Sanrio – the brand who created the globally-recognised icon known as Kitty.

The first drop is available now with more to come before the end of 2019!

Shop the the collection now at shop.fnatic.com and follow Fnatic on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep updated on more from FNATIC X HELLO KITTY.

Source: FNATIC & Hello Kitty – UK, Japan – 15 November 2019

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