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Greater Than Partnership with AA New Zealand - Strategic Partnering

Greater Than Partnership with AA New Zealand

Greater Than Entering Partnership with New Zealand Automobile Association

Providing real-time understanding of risk among drivers to enhance road safety.  

Insurtech firm Greater Than and automobile organization AA New Zealand, member of the global organization Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) are partnering to take safe driving to the next step by using Greater Than’s AI Enerfy to gain real-time insight on risk. The offering is addressing fleet customers in New Zealand and will reach the market with immediate effect with the aim to further help and inspire drivers to drive safer.

New Zealand’s leading mobility organization AA, whose members account for more than 54% of all licensed drivers wants to support its fleet customers to improve road safety by getting a real-time understanding of their drivers impact on risk. With the use of Greater Than AI based insurtech platform Enerfy, the AA will elevate transparency and provide a new level of risk insight for all stakeholders in its mission to drive road safety in New Zealand.

We could see that the traditional “line in the sand” approach to telematics was very effective in stopping extreme behavior but didn’t manage to support drivers to continually improve beyond those hard boarders. Discovering Enerfy provided a solution to this dilemma by offering granular risk-based insights for every journey. This helps, along with our practical training, to give our clients a best in class approach to driver safety within their fleets” says Jack Bergquist, National Sales Manager, AA New Zealand.

The Enerfy solution will initially be offered to AA’s fleet customers with the aim to embed it in their ongoing and future work, including taking driver training to the next level.

We are very excited about partnering with AA New Zealand, as part of our cooperation with FIA. Their strong commitment in road safety issues has made them work at the forefront with embedded innovative solutions and services for their customers. Offering Greater Than’s solution Enerfy and its ability to calibrate driving behavior to deep risk insight in real-time is a perfect match into their progressive work.” –  Says Johanna Forseke, Global Head of Sales, Greater Than.

The new AA New Zealand offering for fleets will include real-time analyzing and understanding of risk via Enerfy’s risk management portal, driver gamification and feedback via an AA App, powered by Enerfy.

Source: Greater Than & AA New Zealand – Sweden, New Zealand – 10 December 2019

Learn more on: https://greaterthan.eu/press/

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