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Join The Community – Our Mission - Strategic Partnering

Join The Community – Our Mission


We believe that the world, society, government and business would be transformed into much better places if deep partnerships were the guide of life and basic rule of leadership; if the power of ‘We’ was fully unleashed rather than ‘I’ only; if individual objectives were pursued through and with others; if the current prevailing silo-system was superseded by horizontal integrated approaches.

We believe that partnering is:  a value system, a way of life, an encompassing strategy, an advanced practice and a deep capability.

We have seen how systematically placing partnering in its fullest sense at the center of what one does can transform life, happiness, performance and efficiency.

Our mission is to champion partnering as a life and leadership system. We advocate for partnering; we rewrite the past, present and future through the partnering lens:  we advise and coach on much improved ways to partner; we research and educate on why, what and how to succeed through deep partnerships; and we help make transformational partnering happen.

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By joining the ’Strategic Partnering’ community, you will be supporting the idea of partnering. You will make no other commitment and will be notified of our blog and special features from time to time. Your personal details will be processed by us in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 solely for these purposes and we will not pass them to any third parties other than as necessary for these purposes.  If you wish to cease receiving information from us at any time please email us on admin@strategic-partnering.net It will be your sole decision to request more information or get more involved in the various aspects of successful strategic partnering and developing transformational alliances.