Strategic Partnering Blog: Reinventing the world’s modus operandi through Partnering

Imagine a world, a society, governments or businesses where deep partnerships would guide life and form the basic rule of leadership; where the power of ‘We’ was fully unleashed rather than ‘I’ only; where individual objectives would be pursued through and with others; where the current prevailing silo system would be superseded by horizontal integrated approaches; where integrated solutions would replace single purpose products.

In fact, the world affairs and the whole world itself would be entirely transformed for the better, as it would now think and act longer term rather than focus ever more on the quarter, the week or the minute.

We believe that partnering is: a value system, a way of life, an encompassing strategy, an advanced practice and a deep capability.  We have seen how systematically placing partnering in its fullest sense at the center of what one does can transform life, happiness, performance and efficiency

Our launch group of 20 heads of global business, government and executive education will pick important news from time to time and add to this blog their rewrite of the same events and changed outcomes, should a partnering approach have been used. In a way, these leaders will reinvent the world’s modus operandi through partnering.

Enjoy the read. Write yours and we will put it up on this blog as well!

More broadly, we launch the ‘Strategic Partnering’ site to host about everything on Strategic Partnerships and Alliances worldwide. It is your site, so please join, participate and let’s partner!

Luc Bardin

Chairman, Strategic Partnering