10’s of companies are now using the “Strategic Partnering” book

Strategic partnerships have become ‘integral’ to state and business affairs, and commonly available statistics refer to an average of 10,000 alliances formed each year worldwide. But it is often a “hit and miss” process that fails far more times than it succeeds, with over 70 per cent of business relationships reported to break off over time and less than 10 per cent delivering to, or above, original expectations.

Providing a focus on the “how” of strategic partnering, the authors:

• introduce a comprehensive and practical new model of demonstrated methodologies for successful strategic partnering

• provide thoroughly tested methods and techniques required to achieve a 100 per cent success rate from this essential practice – from partner selection to the delivery of strategically ‘transformational’ mutual value

• show how strategic partnering can become essential to organizational or business success, and how you can remove chance from your strategy.

Strategic Partnering presents unique insights through a range of groundbreaking interviews with the Chairmen, Chief Executives and senior executives of leading global organizations such as General Electric, Toyota, Linde, BHP Billiton, the UK Government, WPP and many others.

Whether you are a government official, board member, CEO, senior executive, marketer, procurement leader or manager involved in value-added relationships, this book could be ‘vade mecum’ to the development of your successful strategic partnering strategy and prove deeply ‘transformational’ to the way you create value in your organization.


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